Women want it from us, and guys spend most of their lives working on feeling it and showing it. Have you ever felt And the worst part of this feeling is that NO ONE in your life ever sat you down and explained just how confidence really works, did they? You never got a book from your parents on "how to be confident and more sure of yourself.

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Inner Game includes things like: Self-confidence — Being cool, not needy, and self-reliant… Controlling your fears and emotions — Not losing control and becoming a train wreck when you are put in situations that are unfamiliar or charged… Control of your thinking — Not getting caught in your head and stuck in your own thinking… being present-moment focused… Having inner awareness and self-control… Getting rid of anxiety and nervousness — Feeling relaxed and calm in any social situation… Having good social skills… Self-esteem — Feeling good about yourself and liking yourself… Being able to handle criticism and the negative opinions of others… Not needing their approval all the time… Inner Game can also mean many more things to you.

And sometimes that knowledge will be enough to give guys approach anxiety right away. Ultimately, it really boils down to a feeling of control over your own life. Let me ask you something… You ever try using a line on a woman and have it fall flat — like, dead embarrassing silence flat on its face?

I have, too. Usually because of the level of self-esteem and self confidence of the guy using them. Get Carlosxuma — Ultimate Inner Game right now! Only about a milion times, probably. Well, the last thing you need is to feel like your game is being destroyed by a woman that can see right through you. What they say is true… Fix Your Inner Game And Everything Else Really Does Take Care of Itself Something else I discovered as I was coaching men and teaching them some of the secrets of ultimate inner game was that when a guy would finally get focused on the right parts of his personality and his self-improvement, he got good with women.

And he usually had no idea WHY this was happening, either. What was happening was that he was unlocking his own Natural Game. Are you confident with certain women, but the 9s and 10s leave you speechless and nervous? Are you ever intimidated by trying to date younger, more attractive women? Do you have trouble handling the other more aggressive guys out there?

Do you feel invisible to women? Do you feel like beautiful women shake you up? Do you feel like you think more about things than you should? Do you frequently feel indecisive? Do you just want to feel comfortable in your own skin? And authentic to who you are?

Do you want to be able to express your feelings and true personality? He also finds that: Conversation comes easy. There are no more uncomfortable silences… The sting of rejection disappears.

The fact is that your level of inner confidence also affects how successful you are with your social life and social network, too. So what are the most important parts of your inner game to work on? We want to be confident and secure, and we want to really like who we are as a person.

But HOW do you improve it? Self-discipline is that ability to say what you should when you know you should, and — more importantly — keeping your mouth shut when you ought to just be quiet. Will you know what to do when the time comes? The next area of inner game that you have to know is… 3. This is another skill that no one ever taught us: How to change. From acupuncture to hypnotism. He kept smoking until the day he died. My uncle was always getting crappy jobs, drinking like a fish, and doing more drugs than most of the rock bands I was listening to.

I listened to his lame excuses for his behavior, and I heard about him trying to rehab every week. But then I saw other people in my life changing their lives around. I had friends that quit smoking and became respectable and successful. And not just the secret of how to kick one bad habit, because that could just be a fluke.

I wanted to know how to change or improve whatever I wanted so that I could be the man I wanted to be. The way we feel about our appearance impacts our level of self-esteem and how attractive we feel with women.

These guys know something different about themselves that stops them from seeing the missing hair as being a reason to feel like they are less attractive or less manly. And they also have the ability to… 5. But there are so many guys who run into the brick wall of their own emotions in many different situations. Men simply are not brought up to manage or understand their emotions the same way women are.

But emotional intelligence is the number one indicator of your level of happiness, life satisfaction, and ultimate level of success. The skills to manage our internal state are also incredibly important for when we want to approach women, or when we want to move in for the kiss, or escalate things sexually with a woman.

And, funny enough, this also leads to… 6. Yes, I did. And your social skills fit right into your inner game. And THAT is the big secret of inner game. Your Inner Game does not improve without outer game techniques and successes that complete the circuit for you. Inner Game is like the positive terminal on a battery… you have all this potential, but nothing happens until you connect it to the negative terminal of your battery — your OUTER game. TONS of work with very little payoff. This is why most guys end up bored, frustrated — and they quit.

And then they end up settling for less in their lives. They fight long and hard to get very little results. I mean, if some tip helped me get even just a little bit more confident, it was worth the work to find it. Every little bit counts. And I found a LOT of secrets over the years. Well, I realized after many years of struggling, that my own mind was tricking me in a lot of ways. Like making me think that what other people were thinking of me was good or bad — or that it really mattered at all.

Once I finally understood WHY I thought these things, and — more importantly — what I should be focusing on, I stopped feeling so self-conscious with women and in social groups.

Usually a lot more than that! I must have read books and listened to another hundred tapes and CDs on self-development. I went through everything I could find out there. Not everything I read was new to me. In fact, the reality is that most of that stuff only had a couple nuggets of pure gold in them.

I mean, there were some really incredible insights in there just waiting to be found… But then I thought, who has the time to go through hundreds and hundreds of hours of programs over and over again like I did? So after going through most of my notes, my workbooks, and journals, I decided to pull together all the stuff I had on this one topic of self-confidence and inner game into something that any guy could use — and not have to spend months and years learning.

Honestly, you get a little weird when you go off the deep end learning this kind of stuff. And I now know what really does work and what really does NOT work.

Have you ever wanted to know: How to experience strong emotions like love and excitement — and still feel in control? How to avoid resenting women and feeling angry with them? How to get what you want without feeling needy and insecure? How to switch off that negative voice in your head that stops you from succeeding?

Where to start and how to get past your own internal B. How to avoid feeling overwhelmed — and just know where to focus next to get yourself moving in the right direction?

How to remain consistent with your inner game, no matter where you are or who you are with? How do you finally start to control that need to have people like you or care what they think about you? So you can keep her and not drive her off…? How to be authentic and REAL instead of just another pickup artist clone? How to avoid getting stuck in your head, and just get in-the-moment? How your inner game gets communicated into your outer game? But my Ultimate Inner Game system is designed to start raising your overall confidence level in the first 24 hours after you start listening and using the information.

And then the rest of your life really will take care of itself. Fix your inner game, and your outer game will run like a finely tuned sports car. Do you ever feel like your emotions and your willpower were just out of control — and this was sabotaging your ability to get a girl interested in you…?

Learn how to get back to your natural self… How to get rid of that constant feeling of being watched and judged by other people when you go out and interact with women — or with anyone!


Carlos Xuma – Ultimate Inner Game

Ryan Levesque — Ultimate Black Friday. This product takes some carloss the most fundamental secrets to self confidence and self esteem and reveals the hidden things most people miss in thier programs because they dont look deep enough. It will not appear anywhere. Knowing that a woman has certain expectations of you that you need to live up to — Inner Game ggame Buy from Product Owner. Being relaxed and natural with women, and not having to fake it to make it all the time — Inner Game is: If you can afford a psychologist get one. Carlos Xuma Sale Page: Here are some of the different definitions that guys have told me over the years: Originally Posted by echos.


Carlos Xuma-Ultimate Inner Game

Because your low self-esteem will not allow you to believe that you are good enough for her and sub-consciously end up pushing her away. What we fail to learn as men is that the most attractive trait to a woman is confidence. This is why your inner game becomes even more important. And all this does not have to take years to learn. Not even months. In fact, with one simple hidden technique, in less than 30 seconds you will instantly flush away your anger, frustrations, resentment and fears. All the negativity you feel will be gone forever, allowing you to form secure, long lasting relationships.


Ultimate Inner Game by Carlos Xuma Review – Is Carlos Xuma Ultimate Inner Game Legit?




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