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Program[ edit ] Golden Dawn first received widespread attention in , and in registered as a political party. They also aspire "to combat Islam in the region", such as through contributing fighters to the Greek Volunteer Guard that helped capture Srebrenica. Golden Dawn had temporarily ceased political operations in and was absorbed by the Patriotic Alliance.

The Alliance, in turn, ceased operations after Michaloliakos withdrew support in the spring of Golden Dawn held its sixth congress, in March , where party officials announced the resumption of political activities. At local elections on 7 November Golden Dawn got 5. As a result of the January Greek national elections , the party became the third largest in Parliament, despite winning only 17 seats. Reward hard work and implement a meritocracy. Audit and erase part of the national debt which they deem illegal.

Demand that the German government repay a loan that was forced upon Greece during the Axis occupation. Form free trade agreements with Russia, Iran, and China; and remove the red tape blocking trade. Remove party funding obtained from taxes and rely instead on donations.

Reduce the size of the Hellenic Parliament to members. Dissolve any existing plutocracy. Provide tax relief for investors, businessmen, and shipowners who employ only Greek workers and move their capital into national banks. Dismiss those recruited illegally into the public sector as a result of cronyism. Expulsion of all illegal immigrants who have entered Greece. Subsidize those in maternity, and offer tax breaks to young parents and those with large families. Nationalization of banks that received state loans.

Nationalization of natural resources. Michaloliakos had been active in far-right politics for many years, having been arrested several times for politically motivated offences, such as beatings and illegal possession of explosive materials, which led to his discharge from the military. A few GVG volunteers were present in Srebrenica during the Srebrenica massacre , and they raised a Greek flag at a ruined church after the fall of the town.

The resulting media attention, along with internal party conflicts due to poor results in the elections , led some of its most extreme members to gradually fade from official party affairs.

The rest of the members of the squad that hit Kousouris were never legally prosecuted. In March , Androutsopoulos appealed his sentence and received 12 years, to be finally released from prison a few months later. Meanwhile, Golden Dawn continued to hold rallies and marches, and it ran in the European election in an alliance with the Front Line party, gaining 48, votes nationwide; 0.

He asked why Muslim migrants did not go to Saudi Arabia or other Islamic countries, and explained "We at Golden Dawn want to give priority to Christian asylum seekers. And, in any event, Greece cannot continue to welcome everyone in. If we ever get into power, we will put economic migrants in jail, instead of hosting them in hotspots, as Syriza does.

During the Greek Legislative election Golden Dawn lost all of its 18 seats in the Hellenic Parliament, winning only 2. The Golden Dawn is not over. The struggle for nationalism continues. We will be back where we were strong, in the streets and squares, and we will fight hard against Bolshevism and the cruel capitalism that is coming. Since , the Committee of National Memory has organized an annual march, usually on 31 January in Athens , in memory of three Greek officers who died during the Imia military crisis.

According to the European National Front website, the march in was attended by 2, people, although no neutral sources have confirmed that number.

The Committee of National Memory has continued its activities, and a march took place on 31 January The festival was banned by the government. The party, however, demands allegiance in return for their service.

It publishes the ultranationalist magazine Resistance Hellas-Antepithesi. In that election, the party won its first municipal council seat [] and entered parliament for the first time in In the Greek parliamentary elections of May , the party received 6. In the rerun of the elections in June , [] their share of the vote was 6.





Golden Dawn



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