By focusing on the role history played in the imaginations of selected writers of that period, he seeks to answer a perennial question: What is "midwestern" about midwestern literature, and what is "southern" about southern literature? At least until , Holman says, the fiction of the two regions was characterized by two very different modes - romance in the South and social realism in the Midwest. For the southerner, the past was the plantation, the aristocrat, and the Civil War. Even in writing about the present, the southern writer, Holman maintains, had to confront, directly or indirectly, the ghosts of the past - ghosts that could be exorcised, vilified, or romanticized, but never ignored. For the midwestern writer, the past was the pioneer and the settling of the frontier - a past of promise unfulfilled and unattained. The midwestern myth at once glorified the common man as the promise of America and deplored him as venal and narrow-minded.

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Eh, really? Ghosts are somewhere down near zombies on the sexiness scale, could I really become invested in such a relationship? Apparently yes, but these ghosts have found a way around the whole touching predicament and wasted no time getting back into it by possessing the bodies of people whose souls have abandoned them.

I have read some of the negative reviews on A Certain Slant of Light and the thing most often pointed out is something which usually annoys me: the way Helen and James fall so quickly in love and have sex after only meeting each other a few times. I could believe in the desperation. In this novel, Laura Whitcomb gives me what I need to care about the couple, whilst maintaining a beautiful and slightly creepy atmosphere. However, this story it still far more than just a romance.

Helen and James are haunted by a few scattered and incomplete memories of their past and they must put the pieces together to remember who they are, how they died, and what holds them in this strange limbo.

But will the truths of their past be too much to handle? Or will they finally get some peace? As well as this, they also begin to discover why the souls of their host bodies have abandoned ship, what it was in their lives that made them give up.

With both parents gone, the two young men struggle along by themselves. As events unfold, it becomes clear that not everything is as holy as it seems in this family and, though it may not be the main part of the story, this subplot about religious hypocrisy was quite brilliant I recommend this for paranormal fans who enjoy something a bit out of the ordinary.

So, just to let you know, this is actually the correct spelling in Britain.


A Certain Slant of Light

Synopsis[ edit ] The book follows Helen, the ghost of a year-old woman that has been dead for years. The beginning of the story follows her through her life as a ghost, playing the role of invisible muse to a handful of artistically inclined people, lest she be cast back into her own personal hell. Brown that Helen realizes that a student named Billy is aware of her presence. With the two being the only known beings of their type, James and Helen are quickly drawn to each other but are faced with the difficulties of residing within the bodies of other people.


Laura Whitcomb



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