Hattie confesses to Rayford that Amanda White was entirely innocent of supposed collaboration with Carpathia - the e-mail texts were simply an elaborate smear campaign ordered by Carpathia himself. At the prophesied conference of witnesses, held at Teddy Kollek Stadium and hosted by Tsion Ben-Judah , the Potentate makes an unwelcome visit. The last night of the conference, the Two Witnesses appear at the stadium. Then a GC attack breaks out while the Trib. While transferring the force at the airport, Ken Ritz is shot trying to give Rayford as much time as he needs.

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Shelves: favorites , favorite-series , dystopians , like-a-meth-addiction , guilty-pleasure-reads Appollyon is the fifth book in the Left Behind Series. Things continue to pick up as the world faces more and more Trumpet Judgements. Getting further into the Tribulation-the period after the Rapture but before the Glorious Appearing- the worlds surviving population is facing yet another large blow to its numbers. With the so-called blessing of the Antichrist, Nicolae Carpathia, the great conference of witnesses is scheduled to occur in Israel.

After being exonerated of earlier accusations of Appollyon is the fifth book in the Left Behind Series. Carpathia, not wanting to be outshone, makes a special guest appearance. Here he tries to assure everyone of his open and passive nature. He does not see any reason for open hostility. He wants everyone to practice the religion they believe in but wants this group to join the One World Faith. What he gets instead is a crowd that refuses to listen to him. It is on the last day of this conference that all hell breaks loose.

There is a Global Community attack which forces the Tribulation Force to flee. But their escape back to the States does not go as planned. As they are running from the helicopter to the plane that will fly them to safety, one of our beloved members is shot and killed. Buck is unable to make it onto the plane at all leaving him injured and stranded in Israel. This is bad news for Buck since he is an international fugitive from the GC.

Meanwhile Hattie is rushed to the hospital. She is pregnant, but battling a severe illness, or more likely she is suffering from being poisoned by Carpathia. Will her baby survive? Will she? Do we want to know what the child of the Antichrist looks like? The worst part?

Chloe goes into labor while he is in Israel. Once again this book is one hell of a page-turner. You find yourself wondering if our Tribulation Force will ever catch a break knowing fully well that they will not. Not until they die and meet their maker or until the Glorious Appearing where they will be rewarded for their efforts.

Their burden gets stronger by the day. They must save every soul they can and the window of opportunity is getting smaller and smaller. I am so glad that I made the decision to pick these up this year. I have been fully immersed in this world that LeHaye and Jenkins have created.

There is almost nothing I enjoy more than an end of the world tale. Death and destruction. I love it. And this is proving to be a super fun and exciting series.


Apollyon by Lahaye



Apollyon (#05 in Left Behind Series)


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