Consciousness is the resurrecting power, resurrecting that which man is conscious of being. Man is ever out picturing that which he is conscious of being. This is the truth that makes man free, for man is always self-imprisoned or self-freed. The conceiver is ever greater than his conceptions yet ever remains one with his conception. For instance; before you are conscious of being man, you are first conscious of being. Then you become conscious of being man.

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Consciousness is the resurrecting power, resurrecting that which man is conscious of being. Man is ever out picturing that which he is conscious of being. This is the truth that makes man free, for man is always self-imprisoned or self-freed. The conceiver is ever greater than his conceptions yet ever remains one with his conception. For instance; before you are conscious of being man, you are first conscious of being.

Then you become conscious of being man. Yet you remain as conceiver, greater than your conception. Jesus discovered this glorious truth and declared himself to be one with God, not a God that man had fashioned.

For he never recognized such a God. You are, at this very moment, drawing into your world that which you are now conscious of being. You cannot serve two masters, therefore to take your attention from one state of consciousness and place it upon another is to die to one and live to the other.

Praying then, is seen to be recognizing yourself to be that which you now desire, rather than its accepting form of petitioning a God that does not exist for that which you now desire.

Men pray to a God that does not exist. For instance: To be conscious of being poor and to pray to a God for riches is to be rewarded with that which you are conscious of being, which is poverty.

Prayers to be successful must be claiming rather than begging, so if you would pray for riches turn from your picture of poverty by denying the very evidence of your senses and assume the nature of being wealthy.

And that which your father sees in secret, with that will he reward you openly. The very moment my claim is established to the point of conviction, that moment I begin to draw unto myself the evidence of my claim. Do not question the how of these things appearing, for no man knows that way. That is, no manifestation knows how the things desired will appear.

Consciousness is the way or door through which things appear. The signs always follow. They never precede. Things have no reality other than in consciousness.

Therefore, get the consciousness first and the thing is compelled to appear. Right now look upon yourself as this Virgin Mary, being impregnated by yourself through the medium of desire, becoming one with your desire, to the point of embodying or giving birth to your desire. For instance: It is said of Mary whom you now know to be yourself that she know not a man. Yet she conceived. Secrecy is the first law to be observed in realizing your desire. When this naturalness is attained you give birth by becoming that which you are one with in consciousness.

The story of creation is given us in digest form in the first chapter of John. It is the beginning of an urge, a desire. The awareness becomes aware of being the thing desired, thereby nailing itself upon the form or conception and giving life unto its conception, or resurrecting that which was heretofore a dead or unfulfilled desire. It is between the awareness and the thing desired.

That is, I AM and health have agreed to be one and this agreement ever results in the birth of a child which is the thing agreed upon, in this case, health. And because I made the agreement I express the thing agreed. You are ever sent into expression by your awareness and your expression is ever that which you are aware of being.

Again, Moses stated, Now here is something to always bear in mind. All of your present beliefs, fears and limitations are weights that bind you to your present level of consciousness. If you would transcend this level you must leave behind all that is now your present self, or conception of yourself. To do this you take your attention away from all that is now your problem or limitation and dwell upon just being.

Just declare yourself to be, and continue to do so, until you are lost in the feeling of just being, faceless and formless. When this expansion of consciousness is attained, then, within this formless deep of yourself, give form to the new conception by feeling yourself to be that which you desire to be. You will find within this deep of yourself all things to be divinely possible.

Everything in the world which you can conceive of being, is to you, within this present formless awareness, a most natural attainment. The only way to change your expressions of life is to change your consciousness. For consciousness is the reality that eternally solidifies itself in the things round about you.

You can no more change your environment, or world, by destroying things than you can your reflection by destroying the mirror. Your environment, and all within it, reflects that which you are in consciousness. As long as you continue to be that in consciousness so long will you continue to out picture it in your world. Knowing this, begin to revalue yourself. Man has placed too little value upon himself.

And we were in their sight as grasshoppers. Today is the day, the eternal now when conditions round about you have attained the appearance of giants such as unemployed, the armies of your enemy, your problems and all things that seem to threaten you those are the giant that make you feel yourself to be a grasshopper. Therefore, to revalue yourself and begin to feel yourself to be the giant, a center of power, is to dwarf these former giants and make of them grasshoppers.

So awake to the power that you are, not as man, but as your true self, a faceless, formless awareness, and free yourself from your self-imposed prison. My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they will follow me. Your awareness of being is lord and shepherd of your life. You could never be in want of proof or lack the evidence of that which you are aware of being.

This being true, why not become aware of being great; God-loving; wealthy; healthy; and all attributes that you admire? It is just as easy to possess the consciousness of these qualities as it is to possess their opposites for you have not your present consciousness because of your world.

On the contrary, your world is what it is because of your present consciousness. Simple, is it not? Too simple in fact for the wisdom of man that tries to complicate everything. Man has so long worshipped the images of his own making that at first he finds this revelation blasphemous, since it spells death to all his previous beliefs in a God apart from himself. But you are greater than that which you are at present aware of being.

Until this is firmly established so that no suggestion or argument put forward by others can shake it, he will find himself returning to the slavery of his former beliefs. When this is realized every urge and desire that springs within you shall find expression in your world.

If any man hear my voice and open the door I will come in to him and sup with him and he with me. The door is your consciousness. To open the door is to become one with that that which is knocking by feeling oneself to be the thing desired. To rise in consciousness to the naturalness of the thing felt is to swing wide the door and invite this one into embodiment. That is why it is constantly recorded that Jesus left the world of manifestation and ascended unto his father.

Jesus, as you and I, found all things impossible to Jesus, as man. As he made himself one with that, he became that in expression. This is Jesus simple message to man: Men are but garments that the impersonal being, I AM , the presence that men call God, dwells in. Each garment has certain limitations. In order to transcend these limitations and give expression to that which, as man, John Smith, you find yourself incapable of doing, you take your attention away from your present limitations, or John Smith conception of yourself, and merge yourself in the feeling of being that which you desire.

Just how this desire or newly attained consciousness will embody itself, no man knows. For I, or the newly attained consciousness, has ways that ye know not of; its ways are past finding out. Do not speculate as to the how of this consciousness embodying itself, for no man is wise enough to know the how. Speculation is proof that you have not attained to the naturalness of being the thing desired and so are filled with doubts. But let him ask not doubting for he who doubts is as a wave of the sea that is tossed and battered by the winds.

And let not such a one think that he shall receive anything from the Lord. If you have not the consciousness of the thing, you have not the cause or foundation upon which thing is erected.

God your awareness is not mocked. You are ever receiving that which you are aware of being and no man gives thanks for something which he has not received. You have already accepted the gift which was but a desire before you rose in consciousness, and your faith is now the substance that shall clothe your desire.

This rising in consciousness is the spiritual marriage where two shall agree upon being one and their likeness or image is established on earth. It is the unconditional. It does not state if society deems it right or wrong that you should ask it, it rests with you.

Do you really want it? Do you desire it? That is all that is necessary. You can ask forever in the name of God or Jehovah or Christ Jesus and you will ask in vain. To ask in the name is to rise in consciousness and become one in nature with the thing desired, rise in consciousness to the nature of the thing, and you will become that thing in expression. This means that you must be in the nature of the things asked for before you can receive them.

To get into the nature easily, general amnesty is necessary. But if ye forgive not, neither will your father forgive you. Consciousness, being God, if you hold in consciousness anything against man, you are binding that condition in your world.


At Your Command

Feb 12, Steven Moss rated it it was amazing A quick read holding a lot of personal healing for me with its pseudo-scientific twist of Bible references. Can imagination be the god we have been always looking for in the sky, waiting to descend and make our hopes a reality? In my opinion Neville Goddard was ahead of his time,as quantum physics are now bearing witness to the truth of many of his ideas. Goddard stressed our consciousness and imagination,coupled with emotion and belief as keys to manifesting in life. Goddard as well as other New Thought proponents A short but interesting book on metaphysical principles. Goddard as well as other New Thought proponents taught that conscious action on an energetic field which pervades all of life is responsible for the materialization and creation of events and objects in life. Thoughts are comprised of energy,and energy and matter are interchangeable.







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