Bone augmentation in oral implantology F. Khoury, P. Beginning with an excellent overview of the biology and physiology of bone healing, it goes on to describe in some detail the options available to the surgeon who is faced with either inadequate bone volume in which to place implants or bone loss in the aesthetic zone, which might allow implant placement but would result in a less than optimal aesthetic result. In addition to contributions from the three editors, Fouad Khoury, Hadi Antoun and Patrick Missika, there are contributions from 13 other experts in their fields.

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D in Dentistry, University Complutense of Madrid. Sanz is involved in Scientific activity within Microbiology and Antimicrobials in Periodontology: scientific publications in books 23 , SCI journals 22 , and other scientific journals Some of his publications are available here : Quintessenz Publishing Participation in courses and congresses: Scientific Communications at international 39 and national 37 Congresses. Guest speaker at international 18 and national 37 Courses and Congresses.

On Dental-Campus. Prof Santz created the module Non-surgical periodontal therapy In this module Profs. Mariano Sanz and David Herrera will provide you detailed information on the elements of non-surgical periodontal therapy and on the clinical process to provide this therapy to patients affected by periodontal disease. Evidence-based information is illustrated with interesting clinical examples. The foundation congratulated Prof.

Sanz on a honorary doctorate from the University of Gothenburg, which he received for his longstanding collaboration with researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy. The honorary doctorate was now conferred in a ceremony on 16 October He has published more than scientific articles and book chapters and is one of the most popular international lecturers on odontology, Sahlgrenska Academy said in their official announcement.

His longstanding collaboration with researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy had a major impact on advances in knowledge about healing processes after tooth extraction. Honorary doctorates from Sahlgrenska Academy are awarded to those who have played a key role in research or education at the academy or who have otherwise promoted progress in the fields that it addresses.

USA Michelle M. In these roles, she provides programmatic expertise and evaluation of the curriculum to ensure student success.

Her professional work has centered on improving curriculum and assessment; developing, refining and increasing educational outcomes, and aligning curriculum with accreditation standards and competencies.

Her extensive experience in medical and dental education expands through Radiation Oncology, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, and Dental Administration.

Krupp has developed curriculum and evaluation schemas for new start-up programs, such as a Sports Medicine fellowship, Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant Residency, and Performance-Based Assessment Center. Her doctoral research involved developing a self-assessment tool framed in competencies for academic dentists to substantiate faculty development efforts.

He has a thriving private practice in New York City that specializes in dental implants and Periodontal disease. He is the founder of EEC Institute, a continuing education and research institution focused on the advancement of clinical periodontics and implant dentistry.

He travels several times a year to lecture internationally and domestically and has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals and authored several chapters in published books. Rui Fernandes M. Hominem , as well as many other surgical and medical associations in the USA. Her research interests include the pharmacological and behavioural management of anxious children especially those with Early Childhood Caries, to improve their safety and comfort and to reduce post-operative psychological and physical morbidity.

She has developed family-friendly computer games to prepare children psychologically for treatment and to deliver preventive advice within non-clinical settings. She also collaborates with craniofacial scientists to discover new genes in children with clefts. She authored the UK and European national guidelines on paediatric dental sedation.

She has contributed to six dental and medical textbooks and is editor of four. She has examined at all levels both at home and abroad. He maintains a faculty practice limited to Prosthodontics and Periodontics. He has lectured nationally and internationally on several topics related to clinical prosthodontics and implant dentistry. Dr Fok has expertise in stress and structural analysis. His research activities cover a range of topics in the biomechanics of dental restorations.

These include probabilistic failure analysis, micro-structural modeling of composite materials, shrinkage stress and strain, design of mechanical tests, nondestructive examination and shape optimization of dental restorations. A principal aim of his research is to instill more rigorous engineering principles into the design and assessment of dental restorations and treatments so as to improve their reliability. Established as an industrial-academic collaboration, with the 3M Foundation and 3M Dental Products Division providing the founding funds, the MDRCBB works with industry on the development of new dental biomaterials and technologies.

New materials are evaluated using the many techniques unique to the MDRCBB to determine their applicability and chances for clinical success in the oral cavity. Suliman A. KSA Dr. He published in high impact journals such as American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics and Journal of Prosthodontics.

His main research interest is in Sleep Medicine and Craniofacial Imaging. Amman — Jordan. Lecturing mainly, on Orthognathic and Cosmetic Surgery i.


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Bone Augmentation in Oral Implantology



Bone augmentation in oral implantology



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