The lack of an instruction or false information given to customer shall constitute grounds to apply for a complaint because of nonconformity of goods with the contract. In accordance with the law, a customer can receive an instruction in non-paper form; lately graphic and electronic forms of the manuals, as well as instructional videos have been majorly used. A necessary precondition for this is the unmistakable, legible character of an instruction. What is an instruction? Therefore, in an instruction of Bravilor Bonamat B20 one could find a process description.

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The information contained in this document is based on general data c I version 1. Bravilor Bonamat B5 - page 6 GB version 1. II Service and technical support Please contact your dealer for information concerning the specific setting, maintenance or service activities that fall outside the scope of this document. Y our dealer will always be happy to help you. When doing this, always ensure that you have the following detai III version 1. Using this document I. Icons and symbols I Introduction 1.

V version 1. Programming VI version 1. VII version 1. T able 2 Electrical values 4. Bravilor Bonamat B5 - page 12 GB version 1. VIII Safety instructions and danger warnings General The manufacturer accepts no liability whatsoever for damage or injury resulting from a failure to strictly observe the safety instructions contained in this document or resulting from negligence during the installation, use or maintenance of the IX version 1.

D Consider damage caused by freezing. After all, with normal use there will always be water in the m Bravilor Bonamat B5 - page 14 GB version 1. In practice this switch f Bravilor Bonamat B5 - page 15 GB version 1. For this the machine is standard provided with a program In the programming menu these keys are used for selecting a certain setting option. Key K. Bravilor Bonamat B5 - page 17 GB version 1. After the filter unit fitted with filter cone if available , paper filter and ground coffee P.

Bravilor Bonamat B5 - page 19 GB version 1. D Check whether the machine is complete. The standard machine consists of a column with spray head, two containers with filter Bravilor Bonamat B5 - page 21 GB version 1.

D Place the machine on a flat, suf ficient DAIL Y USE While the machine is in use, the factory default settings may appear to be incorrect or insufficient for the circumstances under which the machine is used.

Bravilor Bonamat B5 - page 23 GB version 1. D Place the cover Bravilor Bonamat B5 - page 25 GB version 1. D Also users with extended authority can start the descaling program Bravilor Bonamat B5 - page 27 GB version 1. Bravilor Bonamat B5 - page 29 GB version 1.

This is done as follows: D Press selection keys M. Bravilor Bonamat B5 - page 31 GB version 1. The total number of litres that have been made that day can be read from the display. D Press the selection keys M. Bravilor Bonamat B5 - page 33 GB version 1. Bravilor Bonamat B5 - page 35 GB version 1.

First read this section to see which settings can be made. This unit can be changed. This unit is default on the display with the preference keys fig. Bravilor Bonamat B5 - page 37 GB version 1. Bravilor Bonamat B5 - page 39 GB version 1. Do not press the confirmation key L. Bravilor Bonamat B5 - page 41 GB version 1. As soon as these are activated through the procedure below , they will only be active and visible in the user mode. All settings can be set as desired.

The fourteen settings are default fig. Bravilor Bonamat B5 - page 43 GB version 1. This is, for example, necessary when very finely ground cof fee or very soft water is used. Then some more time is needed for the water to g For this first t Bravilor Bonamat B5 - page 45 GB version 1. If the problem cannot be solved, consult your Bravilor Bonamat dealer , your service mechanic or one of the service desks. Bravilor Bonamat B5 - page 47 GB version 1. Spray head outlet is not positioned properly in relation to the filter unit see display.

Position the spray head outlet correct above The machine gives the signal that it is ready 3 beeps , but the container is not full yet. Drip time too short. The machine steams while making coffee and the coffee making takes too much time. Bravilor Bonamat B5 - page 49 GB version 1. The table below gives an overview of these messages, as well as the possible causes and the actions to be taken by the syste Operator code: Push the stop key K and rel Manuales de instrucciones parecidos.


Bravilor Bonamat B20 HW L/R Bedienungsanleitung



Bravilor Bonamat B20 Ersatzteile für die B 20 ab Bj. 2000



Bravilor Bonamat Filter Cups for B20 (HW) – 250 filters



B20 (Bravilor Bonamat)


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