Random House. A few years ago I was present when a University of California vice president browbeat an unsuspecting undergraduate into silence. Brimelow, a senior editor at both National Review and Forbes, and an immigrant from England to this country himself, has been ringing alarm bells about immigration for several years. Indeed, an article he wrote in helped launch the current debate.

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Like most other recent immigrants, former Englishman Brimelow thinks U. Immigration is too high to begin with, he says, but also too many unskilled workers are coming, legally as well as illegally, as are too many persons whose ethnicities differ from the U. Brimelow maintains that besides the ill effects present immigration has on law enforcement, social service provision, public health, and the environment, it is undermining the sense of the U.

Brimelow documents that that is true only in that the American people, like the people of every other nation we know of, came from somewhere else. Moreover, throughout American history, immigration has occurred, not continuously, but in several waves that have alternated with long periods of assimilation--this is the pattern that built the nation and that the immigration tsunami touched off by the Immigration Act and complicated by the political resistance to assimilation known as multiculturalism has broken.

The U. Writing in the magnetically readable, "sledgehammer" his term style of his principal employer, Forbes, Brimelow is sure to fuel the debates on U. Either side may profitably imbibe this bottled brio. Makes a powerful-indeed,, nearly overwhelming-case against the status quo. It may also strike a responsive chord with a great many ordinary Americans.

Every American citizen owes a debt of gratitude to Peter Brimelow. Rusher, Washington Times "Important Many of the facts given in this book will be surprising even to well-informed readers. We will bury him.


Alien Nation, by Peter Brimelow

From —80, he was an aide to Senator Orrin Hatch. He was the senior editor of Forbes magazine from to Views and publications[ edit ] Brimelow opposes both illegal and legal immigration [16] [17] He has referred to Spanish speaking immigrants as "completely dysfunctional". Following the United States elections, he advocated that to win, the Republican Party should focus on "white votes". He makes it clear that the dramatic rise in influence enjoyed by the teacher unions has coincided with stagnant and unacceptable levels of student performance.


Mises Review

Mises Review 1, No. The customary approach to immigration by libertarians has been a simple one. Peter Brimelow challenges this view in Alien Nation and in doing so raises fundamental issues of political theory. Brimelow begins by building a prima facie case that current immigration to the United States does indeed pose a problem. The Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments, according to supporters such as Senator Edward Kennedy, intended to bring about no drastic change in the American population.

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