Ebook Omnibus Disclaimer All content collected from various sources on the net and rearranged. Contact blog author for any copyright complaints. The immaculately dressed Chowringhee, radiant in her youth, had just stepped on to the floor at the nightclub. They left him in Bombay to attend to some urgent business and went off by themselves to Delhi.

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Oct 09, Guchu Nathani rated it liked it A nice read, a light book which one can read at his own pace. It is interesting but then it does not bind you so that you have to finish it in 2 sittings as it happens to me sometimes.

The stories which constitute the book are independent and yet bound together by a few central characters like Shankar the narrator , Sata Bose Receptionist , Marco Polo Manager and of course Byron detective who comes in for small parts but bents the story every time he appears. It is a kind of book which one A nice read, a light book which one can read at his own pace. It is a kind of book which one should read while travelling. It has comedy, tragedy and it also shows the indifferent and selfish face of society.

It sure laves a mark. The narrator, Shankar, is an ambitious young man who finds himself out of a job with an English barrister and is barely surviving by selling wastepaper baskets door to door. With the help of Byron, Shankar gets the job and from here the journey starts, he is immediately befriended by Sata Bose, who also is his mentor and helps him survive his days in Shahjahan.

What Shankar learns about the staff and of the guests in the hotel is the main theme of the book and provides a kaleidoscope of many individual stories and stories within stories, some entertaining, some very sad.

The story slowly develops into an absorbing tale. There are no sudden twists and turns. Still, you do not lose interest. The description of Calcutta is very nicely done and one can feel nostalgia if they have been to Calcutta.

Chowringhee is a bittersweet read, a lot of good stories that will stay with you even after when you are done reading. It richly and effectively portrayed the struggles, joys, and frustrations of the different strata of Calcutta. Highly Recommended.


Hotel Calcutta

Share via Email Given the frenetic energy and ebullience of recent fiction coming out of India, it is something of a relief to rediscover the pleasures of an absorbing story simply told. Chowringhee has that essential quality of a good novel: the capacity to escape, and help the reader escape, time. You want to turn the pages, but you do not want the pages to end. The words are fresh, and the world of the novel is completely alive, despite being written over 40 years ago. First published in Bengali in , the novel became a bestseller and was translated into a number of Indian languages and made into a film and a play. But it has taken until now for it to be published in English outside India. Perhaps Sankar was too popular to be noted, even though two of his other books, Seemabaddha Company Limited and Jana Aranya The Middleman had the accolade of being filmed by the legendary Satyajit Ray.


Chowringhee by Shankar (Bangla)

Plot[ edit ] The movie revolves around the experiences of the characters the author Shankar played by Subhendu Chatterjee meets while working at one of the largest and most reputed hotels of Kolkata , Hotel Shahjahan. At the end of the movie, most of the characters experience tragedy, in one form or another. The major characters Shankar encounters with are: Mr. Bose, played by Uttam Kumar , is shown to be extremely friendly, benevolent and loved by all. Being an efficient worker, he takes care of all the guests very well, including guarding their secrets, and earns the respect and admiration of his boss, Marco Polo played by Utpal Dutt.

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