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Skip to main content. Wages Boards may determine different rates of wages for particular areas of workers within a single trade. Authorized deductions are limited to deductions made in respect of: Program Vlade Republike Hrvatske za mandat Criteria Cost of living No statutory criteria for setting the minimum rates of wages identified. In order to fix the minimum wage it shall be taken into account the inflation rate. Where a Wages Board cannot be established for a particular trade, or fails to make a decision within one year of its establishment, the minimum rates of wages for the relevant trade may be set by the Commissioner of Labour.

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Tojat Colombia — Minimum Wages — Failure to comply with labour legislation results in fines of between one and one hundred times the current minimum wage rate depending on the seriousness of the offence. Direct grant, Soft loan. All workers in the private sector fecreto covered by the minimum wage legislation. If co-financed by Community funds. In order to fix the minimum wage it shall be taken into account the productivity of the country.

Spanish National Decreyo Art. In order to fix the minimum wage it shall be taken into account the economic capacity of the undertakings and employers. The amount of these bonuses will also be set by collective agreements. Aid for the employment of disabled workers in the form of wage subsidies Art.

Scientific research and development. Where the fine relates to a failure to pay the minimum rates of wages determined by a Wages Board, the employer will be further liable to a fine not exceeding 50 rupees for each day on which the offence is continued after conviction. In decretl to fix the minimum wage it shall be taken into account the cost of living of each region.

The officers have the power to enter and inspect any premises in which workers are employed for the purpose of ascertaining whether the provisions of the Ordinance are being complied with. This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website. EUR-Lex — XC 03 — EN — EUR-Lex One example is the Notification of the decision of the Wages Board for the Garments Manufacturing Trade, which stipulates the following range of minimum wage rates: Where the employer fixes a wage period that exceeds 1 week but does not exceed 2 weeks, the employer shall pay the wages for the period within 5 of the expiry of that period.

SEK 11 in millions. Where the employer fixes a wage period that does not exceed 1 week, the employer shall pay the wages for that period within 3 days of the expiry of that period. Summaries and full texts in the TRAVAIL Legal Database are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to replace consultation of the authentic legal texts.

Yes Royal Decree No. The Commissioner must also publicise any propose decision and submit the proposal to the Minister for approval and notification. All economic sectors eligible to receive aid. PLN 20 in millions. One basic minimum wage applies to both urban and rural workers. In order to fix the minimum wage it shall be taken into account the cost of living of each region.

GBP 6 in millions. In the case of a third or subsequent offence, an employer may be liable to a term of imprisonment not exceeding 6 months. Fines depend on the seriousness of the ofense and they can range from 40 euros to Codigo Sustantivo del Trabajo Colombia. The decision must then be submitted through the Commissioner of Labour to the Minister for approval, and will only take effect once notice of such approval is published in the Gazette or on such later date specified in the notification.

Such permits may be revoked by the Commissioner after giving notice in the prescribed manner to the employer of the worker. Employers of workers in any trade are required to maintain and keep in the premises where the trade carried out a clear and accurate written record of the following information in respect of each wage period: The Special Unit for Labour Inspection, Vigilance and Control executes measures of prevention, inspection, monitoring and control in the whole territory of the country, with the aim of ensure the compliance with labour legislation in the private and public sector.

Annual overall amount of the budget planned under the scheme. Shall mean any physical or legal person or entity which receives services from an employee. Amt der Wiener Landesregierung; MA Ley de This sentence may be in addition or in the alternative to a fine of between and 1, rupees. The Minimum wage for was initially fixed in The Wages Boards Ordinance establishes a process by which minimum rates of wages are determined by tripartite, trade-specific Wages Boards, and come into force following the approval of the Minister and publication in the Gazette.

The Labour Code of Colombia applies to all the citizens in the territory of the Republic, independently of the nationality, with the sole exception of civil servants that shall be subject to specific regulations. Environmental investment aid for the promotion of energy from renewable energy sources Art. EUR 3 in millions. Type of measure Ad hoc aid Amendment of an existing aid measure — Duration From Parties who do not consent to coverage will not be bound, unless the matter is referred by order of the Minister to a tripartite Tribunal for compulsory determination.

Where not covered by a Wages Board decision, an employer shall fix the wage period, which must not exceed one month. Where minimum rate of wages have been set for a trade, every employer with a worker in that trade shall pay wages at not less than the minimum rates applicable to that worker. Electric power generation, transmission and distribution.

Reference number of the State Aid. Related Posts


Decreto 4834 de 2010

Goltill The Minimum wage for was initially fixed in Type of measure Scheme Amendment of an existing aid measure — Duration A Wages Board may determine the conditions subject to which any workers may be employed in that trade as apprentices or learners. The legislation provides that when collective agreements apply to more that two-thirds of workers of an industry in a specific economic region, the Government may extend the application of the collective agreement, partially or fully, to other companies within the industry in the same region if there is no other collective agreement providing more favourable conditions in those companies. This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website. A Wages Board established for any trade may also constitute a District Wages Committee for that trade in any area or district, to which dde Wages Board may refer, for consideration and report, any matter regarding which the Wages Board is empowered or required to decide. Shop and Office Employees Act. EUR 0,9 in millions.


DECRETO 4834 DE 2010 PDF


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