Erythroplasie van Queyrat Wat is erythroplasie van Queyrat? Erythroplasie van Queyrat is een voorloper van het plaveiselcelcarcinoom van de penis. De aandoening is sterk gerelateerd aan besmetting met bepaalde typen van het menselijk wrattenvirus humaan papillomavirus -HPV- typen 16 en Erytroplasie van Queyrat is vrij zeldzaam. Hoe ziet erythroplasie van Queyrat eruit? Bij erytroplasie van Queyrat is er sprake van een fel rode vlek aan de penis.

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The cancer is called squamous cell carcinoma in situ. Squamous cell cancer in situ can occur on any part of the body. This term is used only when the cancer occurs on the penis. Causes The condition is most often seen in men who have not been circumcised.

It is linked to the human papillomavirus HPV. Symptoms The main symptoms are a rash and irritation on the tip or shaft of the penis that persists. The area is most often red and does not respond to topical creams. Exams and Tests The health care provider will examine the penis to diagnose the condition and will perform a biopsy to make the diagnosis.

Treatment Treatment may include: Skin creams such as imiquimod or 5-fluorouracil. These creams are used for several weeks to months. Anti-inflammatory steroid creams. If skin creams do not work, your provider may recommend other treatments such as: Mohs micrographic surgery or other surgical procedures to remove the area Laser surgery Freezing the cancer cells cryotherapy Scraping away cancer cells and using electricity to kill any that remain curettage and electrodesiccation Outlook Prognosis The prognosis for cure is excellent in most cases.

When to Contact a Medical Professional You should contact your provider if you have rashes or sores on the genitalia that do not go away. Premalignant and malignant nonmelanoma skin tumors. In: Habif TP, ed. Clinical Dermatology. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier; chap Epidermal nevi, neoplasms, and cysts.

Mones H. Treatment of noncervical condylomata acuminata. In: Fowler GC, ed. Review provided by VeriMed Healthcare Network. Editorial team.


Eritroplasia de Queyrat



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