Shelves: read Okay this was still pretty dang cute and funny but damn that reporter really annoyed me!! So nosy. But it did make for some good tension in the plot. Like what would they do if the vampire community had been outed? Olivia and Ivy are still so supportive of each other. I really want to know how their parents will take their news once they finally tell them!

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Genres: Fantasy For Jenny Meyer, who totally sucks Ivy Vega trudged sleepily into the breakfast room, slid into her chair, and rested her cheek on the cool stone table. She wished she was still in her coffin. Monday mornings were the worst. Her father, already dressed for work in black chinos and a black pin-striped shirt with French cuffs, sipped his tea and picked up the remote control. Senator, how does it feel to have a law named after you? She was wearing a tiny blue suede miniskirt under a knee-length trench coat, and the look in her wide eyes said "shock!

Turn back! Ivy could not believe her eyes. The boy stand- ing next to Serena Star was none other than Garrick Stephens, one of the lamest vampires at her school. He and his bonehead friends--every- one called them the Beasts--were always pulling dumb stunts, like seeing which one of them could eat the most garlic croutons without getting seri- ously ill. What is he doing on national TV? Ivy wondered. Ivy realized he was right--this was being filmed less than five blocks from their house.

As Mr. Koontz was being lowered into the ground, eyewitnesses say that his casket creaked open. Koontz and was, in fact, a teenage boy.

Ever since they were little kids, Ivy had always been amazed at how close the Beasts routinely came to breaking the First Law of the Night: vampires are never supposed to reveal their true selves to an outsider.

Thinking about that made Ivy feel uncomfort- able. She and Olivia had only discovered each other at the beginning of the school year. And it had been just as great a shock to Olivia. Ivy thought. Serena Star looked squarely at the camera. Serena was always making up lame words for her on-screen headlines. How in the underworld, she thought, are we going to cover up a vampire popping out of a coffin in the middle of a funeral?

She had clearly been expecting Garrick to be upset. Stephens," Serena Star said, a hint of dis- approval in her voice, "what kind of person sleeps in a coffin?

He crossed his arms. He was just pretending it was a dare to avoid revealing any vampire secrets--like the fact that they slept in coffins. Still, it was a pretty lame alibi, especially because he kept going on about how it was "the best sleep" of his life. Stephens, please," Serena interrupted. My friends just sort of thought it would be funny to leave me in there--thanks a lot guys! Did you know the Interna 3 is the best-selling coffin in America?

Serena Star smells blood. Then she frowned with determination. It really was the worst journalis- tic sign-off Ivy had ever heard. Wake up, America! What if she scoops the existence of vampires? None of us will ever be safe again! Olivia flipped up the visor to see the front steps of the school packed with people and a string of TV news vans lining the curb. Her mother double-parked and started to get out of the car.

Olivia shook her head. Scanning the reporter-studded crowd, she spotted a flash of soft blond curls up ahead. Camilla Edmunson turned and waved. When Olivia joined her, Camilla said, "Can you believe this? The cameraman was waving frantically in an attempt to shoo him away. Olivia frowned. It was like when the villain Zolten escaped by hiding in a cryopod. Olivia herself had always been more into vampire fiction.

Boy, had she been wrong. She still got dizzy when she stopped to think about the fact that Franklin Grove was teeming with living, breath- ing, blood-sipping vampires. Most of them, Garrick and his friends excluded, were really nice. None of the other humans in Franklin Grove had any inkling that their town was like Vamp Central, because that was the Number One Biggest Rule of Vampiredom: no telling.

So pop- ping out of a coffin during a funeral was probably off-limits. In fact--and this is where, Olivia thought, it gets really mind-blowing--they were identical twins. Identical that is, except for one thing: Ivy was a vampire! Franklin Grove is proba- bly the most normal town in America. She and Camilla skirted the crowd on their way to the front doors of the school. Suddenly, Olivia heard a familiar high-pitched voice call out her name. Then she reluctantly turned to see Charlotte Brown, her cheerleading captain, ges- turing for Olivia to join her in a circle of cameras.

At least it keeps the squad cheering as a team, Olivia thought as she made her way over. How frightening it is with all the bad influences. A camera flashed. A woman holding a tape recorder asked, "Are you familiar with a street gang known as the Beasts? Olivia gasped; it was Serena Star herself! She looked much shorter than she did on TV. Charlotte leaped in front of her. Star, I totally have! They were dressed from head to toe in black rags, and their nails were covered in black nail polish.

And guess what they did. They growled at me! Are they from Hollywood? She had to talk to her twin about what was going on outside. From down the hall, she spotted Ivy standing by her locker with her new boyfriend, Brendan Daniels. Even Brendan had yet to notice that she and Ivy looked alike. Ivy twirled the emerald ring on the chain around her neck. Her sister was so smitten. Olivia thought it was supercute. As she waited for Ivy and Brendan to finish their good-byes, Olivia played with the ring on her finger.

It was actually their matching emerald rings that had helped Ivy and Olivia recognize each other. The rings were all either of them had from their birth parents. Brendan walked by with a friendly "Hey, Olivia! The other Beasts were trailing behind him. People were part- ing to let them through, like Garrick was a star quarterback who had just won a big game--or else a quarterback who had just lost the big game by running into the wrong end zone.

Brendan did, too. Otherwise we never would have made it up the front steps alive. She said two Goths once growled at her in the bathroom. Ivy rushed to pull her black leather bag onto her shoulder and slammed her locker shut.

Olivia hurried to keep up. The two of them pushed through the bath- room door to find Sophia checking the stalls to make sure the bathroom was deserted. Then she spun around to face Ivy and Olivia with her hands on her hips. He was window-shopping! He just thought it would be fun to try it. Their showrooms are multipurpose. Serena Star seems desperate for a big story. This could mean the greatest witch hunt since, well, witch hunts.

What would people do if they found out that vampires were living among them? Ivy and Olivia both nodded. Maybe we can try to convince Serena that there are werewolves in Franklin Grove instead--or something stupid like that.

Olivia blinked.


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