All major asset classes are covered both from a quantitative and a subjective point of view. The research report has several parts all aimed at raising your level of understanding of the markets and to improve your trading. The asset classes covered are agricultural commodities, currencies, equities, metals, energies and rates. Each market has a dashboard display, as can be seen to the right. Understanding volatility is a key part of professional trading. The third of the smaller charts shows the term structure and open interest pattern.

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Clenow Hard cover and Kindle available on Amazon! When was the last time you read a trading book written by a real hedge fund manager?

Did that book give you any details on actual trading methods? Think back to the last few trading books you read. Were they written by professional authors, bloggers and lecturers? If they were, they were likely better written than mine. They were probably more entertaining and offered easier solutions and quicker gains.

I manage institutional money. I trade for a living. My point of view will probably be very different from the other trading books you might have read. Following the Trend is a book for professionals or those determined to become professionals. I will take you on a ride through my world.

The world of large scale systematic, trend following futures trading. Some of this world is excellent. Some is a complete nightmare. My book will show all of this without bias. You will get all trading rules. Yes, no additional rules will be for sale on this website. You need to carefully experiment with variations of oscillators and moving average lines.

Finding the right settings are key. The best thing is to invent your own indicators and settings. Trend following trading systems are extremely complex. You should have a Ph. A few thousand bucks should do it. The entry and exit rules are critical. Spend all your time developing the exact entry and exit criteria. Use the optimizer in your back testing software for this. Or pay a blogger to help you. You can do professional trend following on just a few instruments. Trend following on individual stocks works great in up and down markets.

As long as you have the right indicators. Once you have a great trading system, everything is really easy. Just follow the signals. Take the trade once per day and hang out on the beach the rest of the time. The money will be rolling in. Everything in this section is complete nonsense. Except this paragraph. The Reality about Trend Following Buy and sell rules are almost irrelevant. There are not a whole lot of different ways that trend following can be done. The exact method or indicator you use does not have a big impact.

Constructing a robust trend following trading system is not terribly difficult. The key part of professional trend following is diversification.

Trade all asset classes and plenty of markets in each. Trade live stock. Trade lumber. Trade soybeans. Trade the Bund. Trade platinum. Trade natural gas. Trade everything. At the same time. The biggest single factor for your bottom line is your asset mix. How you chose your asset classes and markets is the key decision point. Often you will have big losses. The day to day volatility can be severe at times.

Sometimes you get periods of a year or more when you just keep losing. Buy and Hold is for Consumers Learn to overcome these problems and you will have a big profit potential.

Outperforming the equity indexes are easy. Outperforming mutual funds is even easier. What people fail to realize is that the reward to risk ratio on equity indexes is horrible. Beating them is no feat. We are shooting much higher.

That means that at the worst point you had lost over 11 years of normal performance. But the equity market always goes up in the long run. During the same period the core strategy presented in the book gained Learn proper trend following.

The professional way. Your reward will be very high annual compound returns at very acceptable drawdowns. It will not be easy. It will not be quick. But it will be profitable. The ones managing hundreds of millions showing big positive returns during bull and bear markets? They are extremely secretive about what they do and how they trade.

Can you keep a secret? I can tell you what they do. And I can prove it. I will show you how to reverse engineer these funds. They are trend followers and there are not many ways to do that. They all look different but they are in fact the same.

Take one robust trend following trading strategy. Just one. Then vary asset mix, time frame or risk factor. Just these three variables. This is enough to replicate most large CTA funds with correlations of up to 0. Do you want to know how all this is done?


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