You will see the Main Information panel on the left, and you have all the same editing capability you would have for a normal Joomla article. As you will see in subsequent screen shots, I have changed it to Joomla Products, and added Drupal and WordPress categories as well. First, you should have a Joomla! Price — I added a discount for buying 20 or more shirts Variants — three colors three sizes Options — two options with an up charge for each.

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You can learn a lot more about all these parameters here. Each configuration is a specific image for one or several packs. After you understand this, you will be able to more efficiently plan out your cart and approach. To learn more about these parameters here. Here, we will show you how to use the Massaction to increase several product price from a define category. If Root is highlighted, it will go into root without being in a particular category.

With the main features for a little shop. In case of a fixed list of data, you do not need to use a serial generator and HikaSerial will pick up the information directly from what you have imported. From this kind of configuration we will now move to a step by step checkout.

How to Use the Hikashop Extension in Joomla So you might see more view types with possibly their own options. Starter, Essential and Business. The triggers are called generally before or after an action. First, you should have a Joomla! If you want different prices for different quantities, you hijashop set that in the price panel. Thanks to the progress bar jikashop can see the different steps, and in purple 2 views here, Cart and Login.

In this video tutorial we show you how to add products and categories with Hikashop. One example that comes to tutoroal is a website selling military supply and based in the USA. Once the plan is created, you will want to associate it with one of several HikaShop product s.

Here we are, HikaSerial is configured! Rod plays ice hockey a couple of times a week and rides his Goldwing motorcycle pretty much everywhere he can. The aim of this option is to only use the product shipping price when the quantity of the product in the cart is above that value.

Thanks to tutoria, system, you can edit multiple products in one click as well as categories, orders, addresses or Hikashop users, avoiding long hours of repetitive work doing it element by element.

Click the New icon. The display of the row edition change depending on the type, you can find textarea, dropdown, datepickers New window without navigation: Since adding options is just like adding products, if you follow this tutorial, you will have the skills to do so hikashpp you upgrade. Delete the Cart view tutoiral Step 2 thanks to the delete icon on the top right corner of the view.

If you want to create a mass action on another data type and you have some Php skills, you can code your own mass action plugin by following our developer documentation on that. Related Posts



Vuzuru An order with one of these status will make a subscription as activeotherwise it will mark it as expired or closed. So you might see more view types with possibly their own options. To reach and configure the checkout, follow this step by step process:. You can add the product to other categories or change it to another one later.


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Shakami If you want to sell gift certificates, in most of cases, you want to create HikaShop discount codes. Return to the product page and go to the Options panel. As a result, your shipping cost: Here, in this example, we select IN the product category the computer product category. The modules options are roughly the same as the options for the menu items so we invite you to check the Menus options Index section. The Joomlashack Blog Repeat the previous configuration to tutoiral another line, and so a second specific shipping price to your product, like you can see on screen below.

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