Her books have a positive outlook on the world of love with each story offering hope, success and love to the readers as well as the characters within the story. Her characters have been praised for their realistic nature and being the type of characters that readers can empathize with and relate. Pushing past fear to find love is a key element in her writing and what keeps readers coming back to her work. Prior to writing erotic romance novels, Opal worked writing science fiction stories that ranged from everything to the paranormal to urban fantasy to futuristic settings. These earlier works of hers as published as Amber Carew.

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Her imagination must be playing tricks. As she continued driving by the main entrance of Cavendish Mall, the large shopping center near her house, moving slowly because of the density of shoppers out for the post-holiday sales, she allowed her gaze to travel the length of him, determined to convince herself that this long, lean stranger, who had the audacity to look like the man she had prayed never to see again, truly was a stranger.

He stood with his legs carelessly crossed as he leaned against the brick wall near the entrance. The day was mild for Connecticut in late December and his overcoat, unbuttoned, was pushed open by the hand he had stuffed in his pants pocket. The clothes visible underneath—expensive and well cut—emphasized his broad shoulders and narrow waist. She watched as a light breeze lifted a few locks and swirled them onto his forehead. Long, careless tanned fingers swept them back.

Thrusting away the disturbing memories, she forced her attention back to the stranger. The sharp blare of a car horn behind her made her jump. Either that was him—or Matt Pearce had an exact double living right here in Connecticut.

Denial flooded through her, overriding the evidence of her own senses. She simply could not believe Matt stood within the sound of her voice. For a fleeting second, his gaze locked with hers. She felt her lungs freeze, as though someone had stolen the last breath of air in existence. Those unforgettable eyes, the exact shade of the sky at midnight, did not belong to a stranger.

As though he moved in slow motion, she watched a slight frown etch his brow, then saw his eyes widen in obvious recognition. The magazine fluttered as his arm dropped to his side and he stepped forward. It would only take him a few steps to reach the van. A choking panic welled within her as her fingers clenched impossibly tight around the steering wheel. The driver behind her honked again, shattering the frozen shell of dread that held her immobile.

She pressed the accelerator, lurching the van into motion. Had that been anger chasing the recognition from his eyes? What would Matt be doing at a shopping mall? Maybe he was buying something for little Lizzie. Or maybe one of his high-tech gizmos was being launched and he wanted to see how the major department store was handling it. He was very hands-on in that way.

She pushed thoughts of Matt out of her mind as she set about the task of getting her new rocking chair upstairs. It would never have fit in her own little car, so Ellen had lent her the van to pick it up, along with a trolley. She wrestled the new rocker through the lobby and up the elevator. Once she had it unpacked, she called Ellen to come and see it.

Kate set out some refreshments, then slumped into the chair to await the arrival of her friend. Had it really been him? Besides, why would he be here in Connecticut? She continued to rock, trying to shake some sense into her brain. She was being silly.

No, surely her overactive imagination had tricked her into thinking that was Matt today. Matt Pearce was definitely not in Connecticut. A knock sounded on the door and she strode across the room to answer it, relieved for a distraction from her turbulent emotions. Can I sit in it? The chair was a golden oak glider with beige-striped upholstery and a matching ottoman. Kate sliced her famous blueberry-lemon pound cake—famous because it was the only thing she could bake—and handed Ellen a serving.

He saw you driving my van. Her fork slipped from her suddenly numb fingers and clattered onto her plate. Have you ever seen him before? I met him when he moved in a few weeks ago. Was Matt Pearce living in this building? I think he wants me to introduce you so he can ask you for a date. What is the matter with you? Matt was definitely not a doctor.

He owned Cutting Edge Industries, a major high-tech firm. And big brown eyes you could get lost in. Kate felt as though a devastating weight had been heaved from her chest. With her renewed ability to breathe in a normal fashion, she inhaled deeply, and started to feel almost lightheaded. She broke out laughing.

Kate covered her mouth with her hand, quieting her frantic laughter, and took a few more deep breaths. Not Matt. Kate stifled another giggle. She shifted in her chair, preparing to disappoint Ellen yet again.

I understand. I need to learn not to be so pushy. Still a bit wobbly from the shock of believing Matt was on her tail, she forced herself to calm down and tried to drive him out of her thoughts. Handsome, powerful, charismatic. And his potent masculinity had awed her. She remembered their third date. The scent of fresh-cut gardenias in a glass vase on the table. The table set on his large balcony overlooking the city.

Matt, dazzlingly attractive, sitting beside her, enfolding her trembling hand in the warmth of his, pressing his lips to her palm, devastating her senses.

Until that moment, Matt Pearce—savvy executive, master of every situation—had never been uncertain. She sighed and rolled onto her side. But it had been intensely sexy. She closed her eyes and drifted back to that first time. His breath wafted against her ear and she felt faint with desire. He tightened his arm around her waist, pulling her snug against his body. Her nipples hardened, thrusting against the lace of her bra. To strip off your clothes and touch your breasts?

To suck them into my mouth? She sucked in air, inhaling the spicy, male scent of him, desperately wanting him to do all those things. Thick and hard. Her insides clenched in need. She wanted to feel it inside her. Kate lay panting and tried to shake the memories from her mind. Damn, now she was frustrated, and longing for him in her bed. Damn Matt for showing up and stirring these feelings in her. Every time he came into her life, even at a distance like now, it messed her up. The sex with him had been mind-blowing, but she had been shocked and surprised at her own behavior.

Her will had melted away at his authoritative words, until finally she had begged him to take her. To control her. Her willingness to become completely submissive to him had unnerved her. She had never behaved that way before. To want a man to dominate her. But she had. With him. The extent of her submission, of her willingness to beg and to give over complete control to him, had disturbed her deeply.

What did that say about her? A chill quivered through her. After her conversation with Ellen last week, Kate had wondered whether she really should rethink her social situation.

It was the start of a new year—a good time to embrace some changes. To try and find some happiness. Loosening up and taking some time away from work would be a good start.


His to Command

Apr 04, Margaret rated it it was amazing This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. She moved to a different to start her life over. She is also looking for an investor for her company so that she can buy her partner out. She never thought that her past would come back to haunt her. She also never thought that she would still have feelings for the one man who broke heart. Matt is a computer tech.


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