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It also features a signal-to-noise ratio of 59 dB and a high horizontal resolution of 1, TVL in i. In addition to the high resolution afforded by this camera, a number of picture adjustment functions are also supported. Skin-tone detail allows either the enhancement or suppression of detailing for specific hues or chroma areas within the image, such as human skin tones.

A knee saturation tool is also integrated for the adjustment of hue and chroma in highlights for control of skin tones under harsh lighting conditions. Also included are a 3. The monocular viewfinder provides a digital HD interface to the camera for better control of and more precise focusing and composing of shots.

Additionally, there is a built-in wide-band down-converter for recording SD imagery. Multicore Cable Connection to CCU Only one single multicore cable is necessary for connection to a remote camera control unit. This simplistic interface increases efficiency and ease for live production applications.

Variety of Picture Adjustment Functions A wide range of picture adjustment functions are offered, including skin-tone detail; selection of multiple gamma and hyper gamma; knee-saturation; adaptive matrix; color saturation; low key saturation; auto lens aberration compensation ALAC ; 2x digital video extender; and focus assist functions.

There is also a built in optical ND filter with electrical CC filter for in-camera adjustment, reducing the need for extraneous filters to be used over the lens. Ergonomic and Intuitive Interface Programmable buttons and a simplistic layout allow for easy accessibility and an easily navigable design.

Standalone operation is possible with a standard shoe and battery mount. Three auxiliary accessory shoes are also placed on the camera body for further accessory compatibility and attachment. There is also an adjustable shoulder pad for comfort during handheld use. Fujinon 16x Autofocus Lens With 16x zoom magnification and shift style image stabilization, this lens has a focal length of mm The monaural microphone comes with a windscreen for better recording quality and is mounted to the camera via a port on the viewfinder.

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Sony HXC-D70K 2/3″ HD Studio Camera with 16x Lens and VF USED



Sony HXC-D70K HD Studio Camera


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