Knaak Foreword "Tas? Tasslehoff Burrfoot! I promise! Go ahead. I love stories, you know. Sturm and Tanis, lost in a blizzard, have only one hope of being rescued — Tasslehoff Burrfoot!

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A perfectly fine stand alone series, the stories are full of humor and adventure. The story Hearth Cat and Winter Wren is my favorite from this selection. Exploring the lives of adventurers as they are turned into animals while trying to save people from an evil wizard.

Not quite as good as the first book because of the awful stories are really bad and I skipped over those as quickly as I could. The good stories leave you wanting more Dragonlance, so I will be reading the 3rd tales book.

More comedic than anything, check out the story of Lord Toede and also the story with the Majere brothers. Wiszard Feb 21, This volume is an anthology of short stories as could be discerned by the name of the series: Tales. Flint and Tas are waiting for them in a cabin. If only he could get it to play In return for his aid, Dalamar leaves him some magical trinkets. He tells a story about the united forces of kender, gnomes and dwarves that rescue him. Or not. But his tales inspire another to tell more tales An old woman that wants him to never leave.

So he chains them to a deer carcass and gives them a head start into the woods. What could go wrong? Honor and Fish A young Solamnic knight and a minotaur strike up a conversation about honor. But then a boat full of minotaurs arrive The Menagerie A couple of evil wizards have change several inhabitants of Solace into animals. Where will the insanity stop? Palin, Talin, and Dwalin err Sturm are off on a merry adventure when they get catch the short end of a bad wager with a dwarf.

A very garish dwarf. Who leads them on a quest. Of sorts. Gnomes and barbarians and harem girl, oh my! Gnomish Revisionist History A gnomish version of several events in the Chronicles. Kinda funny, but terrible boring. Feeder, Feeder, Heartsblood Eater A sentient just barely dagger but not really has a slightly different perspective on some of the early events of the Chronicles.


Dragonlance Tales: Magic Of Krynn, Kender, Gully Dwarves And Gnomes And Love And War

Each and every one is imaginative, powerfully written and enhances the first Dragonlance-trilogy in a meaningful way. It is hard not to want to give the kender Tas a hug sometimes. It captures a hopeful view on the power of storytelling in a riveting story. Partly but not Loved this collection of stories.


Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes

It is the eighth Dragonlance novel to be published, and the second book in the "Dragonlance Tales" series, all three books of which are anthologies of stories set in the Dragonlance milieu. Unlike the Dragonlance novels published up until that point, the Tales books do not exclusively follow one group of characters, but instead range across the entire scope of the setting. Plot introduction[ edit ] The book is a compilation of 10 short stories from various authors taking place in the fictional world of Krynn : "Snowsong" by Nancy Varian Berberick. This tale tells the story of an early adventure of the Companions. Tanis Half-Elven and Sturm Brightblade are caught in a blizzard and their only hope of being rescued lies in the kender , Tasslehoff Burrfoot. This is the story of the first demise and death of the Dragon Highlord, Fewmaster Toede.


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