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Material Electric GmbH. Retain this manual and pass it onto the damage to the unit and other equipment can also new owner in the event of a new operating company.

Page 6: Safety Instructions 3 Safety instructions Safety instructions Improper handling during installation and while Opening the unit operating inverters can cause potentially fatal situations Only a qualified electrician may open and perform work due to electrical shock.

Furthermore, non-observance of this manual could Fatal voltages are produced in the inverter cause burns or even fires due to the potentially high during operation. Page 7: Unit And System Description 4. The single-phase inverters PIKO 3. To improve efficiency, PIKO 4. Page 8 4 Unit and system description Fig. Page 9 4 Unit and system description Reactive power control Photovoltaic module Note: The information in this section applies only to systems in Germany.

Page 11 — Bear in mind that the inverter may produce noise during operation, which may be considered annoying in living quarters. Mains cable Sealing ring Note: The cable connection seals the housing against moisture and also relieves tension on the cable to ensure it is not pulled out of the terminals by its own weight.

Ensure that the parts matching the plug-in connector couplings are used on the inverter. Observe the polarity of the cables. Prior to initial commissioning, the country in which the inverter is used must be specified.

This is necessary so Country Switch setting Default language Inverter configuration. Page 18 5 Installation Alternatively, you can connect the inverters to each other via the RS interface and then only need to connect one of the inverters via Ethernet figure With this type of connection, the web server of the inverter connected via the Ethernet also displays the current output data of the other inverters. Page 19 5 Installation Make sure that the access point name is set correctly.

Page 20 5 Installation Version a Inverter with DSL connection to the Version b with an integrated modem Internet An inverter connected to the telephone network by an To ensure the inverter can actually be accessed via the analogue modem can only be contacted by a Internet, several requirements must be met.

Page 21 5 Installation Overview of the communications interfaces terminal adapter. To use the RJ11 interface, you will require a modem, available as an accessory. Page 22 — The SIM card must be activated before installation. Page Connecting Communication Components With Communication Board Ii 5 Installation If a value in minutes is stated in the "last connection to The inverter is equipped with two Ethernet interfaces portal" field, there is a connection to the solar portal.

RJ45 sockets for this purpose. The computer must also be equipped with this type of interface. Page 25 5 Installation To do so, a the inverter must be connected to a DSL router or to a network with Internet access or b the inverter must have an integrated analogue modem or wireless modem GSM, available as an accessory. Version a requires a DSL connection. Page 26 5 Installation Version b Version a Inverter with DSL connection to the Internet To transfer the data of several inverters to a solar portal with a modem, connect the inverter via the Ethernet.

To ensure the inverter can actually be accessed via the You will only need one modem: the inverter with the Internet, several requirements must be met. Page 27 5 Installation Version b with an integrated modem Overview of the communications interfaces An inverter connected to the telephone network by an analogue modem can only be contacted by a computer when the computer establishes the connection via an analogue telephone connection or via the analogue connection of a telecommunications system dial-in connection, see figure The RJ11 socket is used to connect the inverter to an analogue telephone jack or to an ISDN line with a terminal adapter.

Page 32 5 Installation RS Fig. The potential The communication board may be damaged by connection scope and the DIP switch setting required electrostatic discharge.


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