Speaking, Reading, Writing Fluently in a short period of time Freedom to choose the time and place. Continuity guaranteed all lifelong. Focusing on the student language level. Full participation and practice of the language. British certificate monitored by a British committee. Economical prices - Saving time and money.

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They work by teaching you the language via audio and books but keep the learning process interesting. The courses come with 2, 3 or 4 books depending on the language. One is entirely in the target language, another explains the dialogue, the other is a book of exercises. You usually follow a family returning to their native country and as each chapter progresses your comprehension increases dramatically.

The books and audio are done to a very high standard and I would recommend their courses to every language learner. In their heyday, Linguaphone offered courses in well over 30 languages, the older courses from the s and 60s are considered their best material because the instruction is more thorough.

You can buy some of the old courses by clicking here. Unfortunately, Linguaphone today have limited their language catalogue to just 15 languages. Linguaphone has kept up with modern technology.

Back in the day they used records and audio reels, then moved on to casette tape and even VHS. There are courses available, not only in book form, but in CD Rom and all audio courses such as the AllTalk series highly recommended. You meet your rep at the airport and things go from there, you deal with problems along the way and the story is very interesting so you come back to your lessons with enthusiasm.

The great thing about the AllTalk courese are you can go from zero knowledge in the language to Intermediate level quite quickly. There is a 16 disc version and a 4 disc version. The 16 disc version will obviously take you further. New artwork, new dialogue and an entirely new story line. This artwork is still used today. Im not a fan of the new artwork. The content of the books stayed the same as above but they are now published in softback books with orange covers. This is was a nice personal touch and makes you see that Linguaphone really did have the students best interests at heart.

Below is a letter someone recieved when they bought an Italian course in , the director mentions the student learning Italian with his wife - the customer must have mentioned this on the telephone or in his letter when he ordered the course. You just dont get that nowadays. The letter is typed on a typewriter and hand signed.

Meaning you have to get used to the words being written in their language. Time tested - Linguaphone has been producing language instruction material since the early 20th century. This is highly effective and fun to use. Linguaphone has a choice of 16 languages to choose from in their home study course that takes you to intermediate level. Then there are advanced courses taking you to expert level and some to take you to fluency.

You get excellent value for money considering the content of the course and the proficiency you achieve if you complete the course. This is fine if youre studying at home but makes things difficult if you want to learn on the commute to work. Amount of courses - Linguaphone currently has 16 language to choose from. They used to have a lot more.


French Online by Linguaphone (2017 edition)

Fun and easy-to-use, it focuses on developing everyday essential French phrases using native speakers. You can test your developing French language skills with our self-assessment tests which appear throughout. At the end of the course, you can request a free Certificate of Completion, issued by the Linguaphone Institute. You can print the Certificate or post it directly on your Facebook, Linkedin or other social network profiles.


Learn a new language online with Linguaphone

This very comprehensive course is spread over three levels; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. English instructions are provided on the first five audio sections of the course to help you gain confidence in your language-learning ability. As you progress through the course the level of English support decreases and you begin to work more and more in the new target language. The full-colour course content presents all the key language and grammar, as well as providing objectives, instructions, commentary and explanations in French to support and motivate the learner. Linguaphone makes learning French easy and this course is designed to help you progress rapidly. There are two course formats to choose from; 1. Download Digital Edition for PC, tablet and Smart Phone This format integrates the course books and audio and allows the user to read the course books on screen and listen to the audio at the same time.

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